Bali Festivals

Date:March 26
Activities: It is a Balinese "Day of Silence" that falls on Bali's Lunar New Year March 26, 2009.It is an island-wide ritual cleansing. Everyone in Bali must stay inside, using no lights, making no sounds and acting as if no one is in. This is a very special day for the Balinese and there are no flights in or out of Bali for 24 hours.Nyepi finishes at first light the next day.
Event: Galungan
Activities:The most important festival is the Galungan festival.The Galungan Festival symbolizes the victory of Dharma (Virtue) upon Adharma (Evil), filled with cultural rites and ceremonies.

It is believed that during this ten day period all Balinese gods, including Sanghyang Widi, the supreme deity, will descend to earth for the festivities. On the eve of Galungan Festival the Hindus thank God for his creations on earth and its content. On this day the Hindus express their gratitude to God and invite him to come down to earth and join in their celebrations. The festivities are made extra special by the fitting of 'penjor' on the right side of the entrance to every house.The last day of the 10-day festival is known as Kuningan. Kuningan is a day for prayer, and a special ritual ceremony is held for the spirits of the Balinese's ancestors.
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